Visitor Registration System

Register your visitors quickly with the most advanced SignInMate™ solution for your business. Check the comparison matrix to see the capabilities of each SignInMate™ version.


SignInMate -

Visitor Registration System

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Professional & Enterprise Versions

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SignInMate™ - Visitor Registration

SignInMate™ is a visitor registration system that allows visitors to easily & securely sign into your office or workplace.

The SignInMate™ solution has two versions: Professional & Enterprise. For more information on the versions of SignInMate™, please visit the SignInMate™ Versions page.

For general SignInMate™ information, visit the SignInMate™ Overview page.

If you wish to enquire about how SignInMate™ can work for you, or need guidance, please contact-us via our Contact Page.


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SignInMate™ - Visitor Sign In & Management

Replace your old sign-in sheet, visitor logbook and paper based records.

SignInMate™ is an automated electronic visitor registration system that allows visitors to easily and securely sign into your workplace. SignInMate™ is flexible, compact, easy to use and is ideal for small to medium businesses.

The SignInMate™ registration package offers all the major features for today’s business needs. The digital records provide a resource of information with quick storage and accessible data for analysis and management.
  • Manage your visitors as they arrive at your door, store their details and get their compliance to your Health and Safety requirements.
  • Manage your employees with your stored employee listing, track time and attendance, and which visitors are with them.

Health and Safety Management
SignInMate™ captures the signature of visitors as recognition of your workplace Health and Safety needs. Immediate communication between visitors and staff allows them to follow your procedures.

SignInMate™ Visitor Registration

Your "Out of the Box" Solution
Including - Portable NoteBook Controller

"How SignInMate™ can maximise your business?

Maximise the efficiency of your reception area

  • No receptionist required, you will get an email when your visitor arrives
  • SMS capability option available
  • Clear, user friendly instructions
  • Frees up your receptionist to perform other duties

Digital Signatures every time

  • For maximum visitor authentications, SignInMate™ directs all visitors to read and sign their acknowledgement and compliance with your company's Health & Safety and evacuation procedures.
  • Forensic signatures at a commercial level


  • Can easily be taken off-site for conference and event registration
  • Operates from a compact notebook controller when out and about

Digital Records

  • Frees up room on reception desk, allowing a more professional look
  • Easily positioned in any size reception area or table

Printer for labels

  • Prints name and company labels for each visitor (Professional and Enterprise only)
  • Printer is small and discreet
Visitor ID Badges & Printer

Small footprint

  • More efficient than old paper systems
  • More cost effective storing digital records rather than paper records
  • Provides and audit trail of registered visitors to your site. Protecting your staff, your property and your company

User customisable logos

  • Customise and display your user installed corporate logos and advertisements
Customer Logos

Commercial grade Touch Screen

  • Stylus supplied for high resolution screen selection and signatures