Instantly Issue and PIN Select Customer Debit / Credit Cards

Standalone Teller Integrated Remote PIN

PersonalisedPIN Features

Highest Security and first time PIN authentication
New Accounts - immediate EMV / PIN personalisation on Contact Chip / Contactless / Magnetic Strip
Chip Signature on Day 1 with migration path to "EMV PIN (PVV) on card or PIN-on-Host"
ID Vetting by Staff Securely - for re-issuing "Forgotten PINs"
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PersonalisedPIN -

PIN Authentication Systems

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PersonalisedPIN™ - ID Management

PersonalisedPIN is an ID management solution providing Instant Issuance and PIN Selection of customer credit/debit cards for banking and financial institutions.

PersonalisedPIN has three solution versions: Standalone, Teller Integrated and Remote PIN. Be sure to look through the options available, their properties and the benefits for your bank.

If you wish to enquire about how PersonalisedPIN can work for you, or need guidance, please contact-us via our Contact Page.

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PersonalisedPIN - Instantly Issue and PIN Select Customer Debit / Credit Cards

Instantly issue your banking customer's cards and give them their own personal PIN number. The PersonalisedPIN banking solution lets you personalise your card holders banking experience.

In-branch or online, PersonalisedPIN delivers a trusted, proven system, used in banks across the globe - now in its fifth generation supplying PIN security for over 25 years.

View our PersonalisedPIN Solution models customised specifically to your banking needs.
Standalone Teller Integrated Remote PIN

Instant Issuance, PIN Selection, PIN Authentication

PersonalisedPIN is a flexible and highly secure system that allows for multiple users and is easily integrated into a bank's existing computer network. With it you can provide your customers the key credit/debit card issuance and PINning functions.

Instant Issuance
Instantly Issue new and ready to use debit and credit cards. Encode EMV cards, chip (IC) and Magnetic Stripe. Using PersonalisedPIN, cardholders can walk out of the branch with a card that can be used immediately. Read More

PIN Selection
Set or change your cardholders PIN number. The Customer Select PIN system (PIN Select) allows your card-holders Read More

PIN Authentication
PIN authentication uses PPV to validate against the PIN entered at the Point of Sale (POS). PersonalisedPIN allows you to choose your authentication method and how the PIN (PVV) is stored for validation. There are two primary methods for PIN authentication: PVV on Card Authentication and PIN-ON-HOST Authentication. These authentication models are available with PersonalisedPIN or alternatively a Hybrid Authentication System which combines the two for optimal results. Read More
  • PIN a "New" card

    For instant issue of new cards (customers have instant access to their accounts).
  • Change a "Known" PIN

    Uses current PIN as proof of identity before allowing the customer to change their PIN.
  • Change a "Forgotten" PIN

    Requires photo proof of identity (passport or photo driver’s licence) to validate that the card does belong to the client.
  • PIN Verify

    Proves that the customer knows the PIN of a card, therefore is the legal owner of the account.
  • Read a Card

    Reads the track data stored on the card to provide a fast and unconfirmed method of identifying the card, which can be used to bring up customer accounts.

PersonalisedPIN Resources

PIN Security
The card PINning and authentication process is optimised for high security. The entire environment is secure with various security features included and a system structure designed to protect sensitive banking information.

Deployment & Support
Typically a system of this size requires many months and man hours to complete a nationwide rollout. However our out of the box solution can be feasibly deployed within a couple of months without the need for an army of engineers. The PersonalisedPIN solution offers various support features to aid the management of the PIN Selection system.