Instantly Issue and PIN Select Customer Debit / Credit Cards

Standalone Teller Integrated Remote PIN

PersonalisedPIN Features

Highest Security and first time PIN authentication
New Accounts - immediate EMV / PIN personalisation on Contact Chip / Contactless / Magnetic Strip
Chip Signature on Day 1 with migration path to "EMV PIN (PVV) on card or PIN-on-Host"
ID Vetting by Staff Securely - for re-issuing "Forgotten PINs"
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PersonalisedPIN -

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PersonalisedPIN™ - ID Management

PersonalisedPIN is an ID management solution providing Instant Issuance and PIN Selection of customer credit/debit cards for banking and financial institutions.

PersonalisedPIN has three solution versions: Standalone, Teller Integrated and Remote PIN. Be sure to look through the options available, their properties and the benefits for your bank.

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PersonalisedPIN: Standalone

PersonalisedPIN: Standalone is the version of PersonalisedPIN that operates independently with minimal interfacing requirements. Standalone offers all the features and options of PersonalisedPIN but without the need of developing the extra branch/store applications for the Card PINing and Issuance operations.

Instead of developing the interfacing teller-integrated application, Standalone operates its functions with the use of the connected PINpad (PCI Certified) and IS380 Encoder Display Module. This simplifies the front-end branch level deployment and integration and reduces related costs. The remaining architecture upholds the standard PersonalisedPIN structure but all of PersonalisedPIN's component can be adapted to suit your system requirements.

As the premier 'drop-in' version of PersonalisedPIN it is perfect for banking institutions of any size. Integration is simple & cost effective without any sacrifices to security or efficiency.

Standard PersonalisedPIN: Standalone Architecture Standard PersonalisedPIN: Standalone Architecture

IS380 Display Module
This improvement replaces the previous LCD display model for the IS380 Secure Card Encoder. The new display is specially stylised and designed for the IS380 exterior and can be attached or removed as needed. It provides full functional feedback to the operator of the application + customer actions.

IS380 with LCD Display IS380 with LCD Display

Increased Customer Engagement - The In-Branch Advantage

PersonalisedPIN provides both remote and in-branch PINning. In-branch, It is a good time for staff to remind customers of new products and special services available. The In-Branch experience helps the bank to become a more important and comfortable business partner and improves your valued relationship with the customer.
  • The In-Branch experience is a means of getting instant feedback about your services.
  • The In-Branch experience adds value to the relationship with the customer.
  • Face to face engagement “People doing business with people”.
  • Bank staff ID management verification. When remote PIN systems require bank level ID management.