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How do you manage the risk of losing your Liquor licence and possible livelihood?

Let PASSMATE ® show you how to manage that risk and analyse patronage to maximise your staffing needs.

ID Authentication for hospitality Industry PASSMATE® uses the HANZ 18+ and NZ Drivers Licence as these are the two most common required forms of photo identification used when purchasing alcohol or entering a licensed establishment. The system is robust, designed to handle normal variations of documents accounting for dirt, wear, cracking and other forms of degradation found in the real world, yet still correctly identify using a mix of propriety security formats and light.

Key benefits PASSMATE ® offers users:

Produce a more easily visible and more reliable photo image comparison
The small thumbnail size ID photo is enlarged 25 times making the photo easier to view even in low light environments. This helps prevent the typical fraud of patrons presenting an elder sibling’s or friend’s ID.

Automatically displays your patron’s age, so you don’t have to calculate it.
This reduces the chance of a mistake due to stress, fatigue or low light environments.

Log your Patrons access entry details.
The log function captures the patrons entry with time and date stamp. Useful as an audit of your verification processes and patron presence.

Reduce confrontation by transferring the verification decision from your staff to a machine.
Machines are considered impartial and unbiased thus de-personalising the result and reducing the potential for stress or confrontation.

Deters fraudulent ID presentations.
Young people are deterred because they will be embarrassed and humiliated in front of their peers by being caught and turned away.

Verifies and authenticates ID cards.
The system authenticates invisible embedded security features that are not visible to the naked eye.

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