Introducing the IS380 Display Module

Selecting a PIN is about to get easier with development of our new IS380 attachment Display Module. 

Your IS380 Enocder can now be fitted with the new ergonomic display. The new display will show PIN Selection options and status of operations and equipment. Branch staff can easily carry out the process of setting a PIN on a customer card. 

The new display requires no extra Power Supply unit and can be easily attached/removed as needed.


PersonalisedPIN Upgrade

The addition of the Display Module is part of an overhaul to the PersonalisedPIN solution, aiming to improve the integration of the solution with branch systems and equipment/furniture footprint. The IS380 display module comes with a new cabling/PSU arrangement that simplifies your setup under the bench. When paired with the upcoming DC420 V2 Controller, the arrangement attains peak optimisation for branch integration*.
*Results may vary with different branch setups and equipment requirements.