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MillenTech hardware and software ID Management solutions for PIN Selection and ID Authentication, Visitor Registration. Bank solution specialist for over 25 years

PersonalisedPIN - PIN Selection ID Authentication


Highest Security and first time PIN authentication
New Accounts - immediate EMV / PIN Selection on Contact Chip / Contactless / Magnetic Strip
Chip Signature on Day 1 with migration path to "EMV PIN (PVV) on card or PIN-on-Host"
Identity Authentication - Vetting by Staff Securely - for re-issuing "Forgotten PINs"
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SignInMate Visitor Registration

SignInMate -

Visitor Registration System

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MillenTech MagTek NZ Products

MagTek NZ -

Secure, reliable financial and identification products

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An enterprise level PIN Selection & ID Authentication banking solution. Provides an easy, convenient and simple Customer Select PIN(CSP) system that can be effortlessly implemented. A CSP system allows cardholders to securely select their PIN for their magnetic stripe and EMV cards.


Replace your visitor sign in sheets, log book and paper based attendance records with SignInMate Visitor Registration. Perfect for both manned and unmanned receptions, your new system will maximise the efficiency of your reception area for your guests with quick and easy guest sign in & sign out.


A full care support and maintenance model that incorporates real-time remote helpdesk monitoring for quick first-line diagnostics. Reduce third party support costs and increase device fleet up-time. Expert consultancy in PIN Selection, ID Authentication & ID Management Solutions.


We supply secure enterprise-level technology solutions for your business. View our catalogue of products on our MagTek NZ website. Regional factory support office in our 25th year.


MillenTech - MirrorReview - Top 10 Card Solution Providers Feature

MillenTech CTI Group has been regarded as one of the top ten Card Solution Providers for 2018 in MirrorReview Magazine.

View the article here : MillenTech CTI - Mirrow Review Feature

• Manage your visitors and employees
• Address your health and safety requirements
Sign in with SignInMate
Visitor Registration System

Independent visitor management

No staff are required to receive visitors which saves time and money.

Easy use for first time visitors

Intuitive touch screen allows visitors to easily sign themselves in.

Visitor arrival notifications

Notifications of visitor arrivals are automatically sent to staff so they can receive their visitor. (Professional and Enterprise versions only)

Visitor Identity Badges

Use your own pre-printed badges or instantly print a visitor badge with all relevant details including barcode for quick departure.

Accurate visitor signatures

Forensic level capture of visitor’s signature as they arrive.

Reliable in emergencies

Enterprise level security and purpose built hardware ensures operation in challenging situations such as natural disasters or Internet outages.